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Assessment by Design

Practical workshops to drive learning forward in China

Saturday, May 18, 2024 | 8:00 - 13:15 CST

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Event overview

How can educators effectively harness innovative assessment strategies to drive meaningful learning? How can we integrate AI to not only analyse but also significantly improve the assessment process?

Join us at Assessment by Design, a virtual event crafted for schools in China. Together, we'll explore the latest in research-based assessment strategies, leverage roadmaps to guide student assessment, and learn to utilise AI tools to more effectively plan for great learning.

This event is designed for:

School leaders
Technology specialists

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Transform assessment with practical sessions

Session 1
Assessing student learning by design
8:00 - 10:00 CST (120 minutes)

Educational success today requires more than just measuring learning. How do we empower educators to use assessments not just for evaluation but as tools for enhancing understanding?

Join Jay McTighe, an expert in curriculum and assessment design, for an exploration of the Assessment Planning Framework. Drawing on his recent bestselling book, Jay will guide us through assessing both academic standards and key 21st-century skills.

In this session, you will:

  • Master five key principles for crafting effective assessments.
  • Align three main purposes of classroom assessments with educational goals.
  • Design and implement performance-based assessment tasks.
  • Apply the '3 Ps' of grading and reporting for impactful feedback.

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Session 2
Elevating authentic assessment
with Toddle AI
10:00 - 10:30 CST (30 minutes)

Dive into the future of assessment with Toddle AI. Brady Cline, a forward-thinking educator and former school leader, will guide you through the transformative impact of Toddle AI on assessment practices. This session is tailored for educators and leaders eager to harness AI for deeper, more impactful assessment methods.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover how Toddle AI transforms assessment into a dynamic, insightful process.
  • Gain practical strategies for leveraging Toddle AI to craft assessments.
  • See how assessments connect to planning, evaluation, and reporting in a single integrated platform.

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Session 3
AI for school data analysis:
Transforming information into knowledge
11:00 - 12:00 CST (60 minutes)

Embracing AI offers a new horizon in understanding and utilising educational data. In this practical session, you'll explore the strategic application of AI tools to enhance educational data analysis, from interpreting surveys to analysing student assessments. With over two decades of experience working as a technology lead in schools, Warren Apel will dive into how AI can completely refine the data analysis cycle that will allow school data teams to dig deeper into data like never before.

In this session, you will:

  • Apply AI tools for effective data analysis and interpretation.
  • Streamline the data analysis process using AI for more profound insights.
  • Discover new capabilities with AI, tackling previously daunting tasks with ease.

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Session 4
Strategic assessment mapping for
empowering learners
12:00 - 13:15 CST (75 minutes)

Facing the challenge of making assessments more than just a grading tool? This hands-on workshop introduces an approach to crafting assessment roadmaps that go beyond scheduling to enhance clarity, student engagement, and supportive classroom environments. Gain the skills to develop these roadmaps, turning assessment into a dynamic tool that accurately measures progress and informs instructional decisions.

Join long-standing curriculum coordinator Alison Yang to:

  • Explore the role of assessment mapping in education.
  • Develop assessment aligned with learning objectives.
  • Leverage roadmaps for instructional excellence.

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Join educators from top international schools in China

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Frequently asked questions

Assessment by Design is designed for teachers, school leaders, and technology coordinators at schools in China who are looking to dive into new assessment practices.

Assessment by Design is fully free of charge! As educators, you are constantly looking to provide the best to your students. This event is our way of thanking you for your unending enthusiasm and passion.

Sit back and get excited for Assessment by Design to kick-off! We'll share links to the sessions for the virtual meet 2-3 days prior to the event.

Feel free to pick the sessions you want to attend! We have some exceptional speakers and interactive sessions lined up as a part of the meet-up so we recommend that you attend as many sessions as you can!

All participants who attend the Assessment by Design event will be provided with a learning certificate from Toddle.

All sessions will be recorded and available on Toddle Learn after the event.

Assessment by Design is a community initiative by Toddle. Toddle is an all-in-one teaching & learning platform for schools offering IB, UbD®, Cambridge, British, and independent curriculums. Toddle seamlessly integrates curriculum planning, evidence collection, student portfolios, reporting, and parent communication - all from one beautiful interface - and helps teachers focus on the important things. Visit to learn more about how you can use Toddle in your school.

Discover strategic assessment roadmaps with Alison Yang's handy checklist and editable template!

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